Ruby and The Groove is a New England based trio specializing in Pop, R&B and Neosoul originals and cover songs. The band is comprised of lead singer Rabihah "Ruby" Shabazz, percussionist Bill Feehan, and guitarist Tom Bean.

If you could capture the sound of upbeat soul, positive vibes and a good time it would sound like Ruby and the Groove.  Whether it be the way they make popular songs their own or capture audiences with their own original music; the chemistry is undeniable and their music will definitely get you into the groove.  


The group is comprised of 3 musician friends who have known each other over the years but were always part of separate projects. They started playing together in the spring of 2018 for the Nashua, NH Nu Music Festival and never looked back.


The lead singer Ruby Shabazz has been writing and performing music since her college days at the UMass Lowell in Lowell, MA where she studied music.  She's a Boston, MA native with roots in R&B, Soul and Hip Hop who got her start as studio singer. Her experience comes through in her vocal style and is evident in the way that she captivates a live audience and keeps them engaged.


The percussionist, Bill Fee is also from the Lowell, MA area with a background in R&B and Hip Hop production as well as vocals.  Yes you read that right, Hip Hop vocals, Fee is a versed emcee.  A skill the group hopes to work into their style in the near future. He has a nack for creating infectious beats.  The unique way he brings rhythms to life from a simple instrument like the cajon is testament to his Hip Hop roots.


Rhythm guitar is performed by the one and only Tom Bean.  A talented musician and classically trained guitarist who lived and played in the California Bay area for a number of years.  Originally from the east coast, he came back to link up with friends and family and found himself in high demand. Besides Ruby and the Groove, Tom is part of two other prominent bands in the Nashua local area.


The blended influences of the old and the new has made for a soulful but edgy sound, one that has already taken them places.  Truth be told, Ruby and The Groove is a band that is on a journey, always in search of the right sound, the right look and the right vibe.   They are having tons of fun along the way and hope that their audience will join them for the ride.

In the addition to the Nu Muse Festival, Ruby and the Groove has had the pleasure of performing all along the Merrimack valley.  They've provided entertainment at such popular venues as The Riverwalk Café, Stella Blue and Margaritas in Nashua, NH, Mill No. 5 in Lowell, MA, Nolo Bistro in Tyngsboro, MA and The Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH.  Other festivals they’ve performed at include The Nashua Holiday Stroll, The New England Roots Festival also in Nashua and the We Are One Festival in Manchester, NH.  


2019 looks to be a promising year with more performances planned and a live recording project in the works. Ruby and the Groove is ready to give their audience the full music experience!